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FAQ about

  • Q: Who is behind
  • A: ywesee and all the users.
  • Q: From where is all the data that uses for its different services?
  • A: The data is provided by the manufacturers, users, Swissmedic, Swiss Federal Office of Public Health and the internet.
  • Q: Who guarantees the correctness of all the data?
  • A: ywesee and all the users.
  • Q: Why is for free?
  • A: We would like to charge something for our valuable services but we are still looking for the correct business model. In case you want to help us financially you can Donate your share.
  • Q: Where is heading?
  • A: is building on the shoulders of the OpenSource philosophy / movement. We want to make sure the user can modify the data of in an easy and comfortable manner. Our goal is that as many users as possible help maintain
  • Q: Who is the owner of
  • A: ywesee and anybody who helps to maintain or pushes for new goals.
  • Q: Which Licence does use for its Software?
  • A: The Software is protected by the LGPL License.
  • Q: I do not understand what the LGPL does, please explain further.
  • A: Hmm. Read an article about the LGPL in Wikipedia.
  • Q: Where can I get the software code to
  • A: You can download the all the software from Installation instructions for a local installation can be found at: Enjoy and have fun.
  • Q: Which language does use?
  • A: software is written in Ruby.
  • Q: How do I register a new product?
  1. Logon over:
  2. Search for any product or go to the "Services" section.
  3. Enter the 5 digit Swissmedic Number into the first field. Enter any other information.
  4. Click "Save".
  5. Enter the Sequence Number of Swissmedic.
  6. Enter the 3 digit package Number.
  7. Enter the 'date of entry into SL', enter EFP and PP.
  8. Basically always click 'Save'.
  9. Enjoy.
  10. Give us Feedback!
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Page last modified on April 28, 2005, at 04:24 PM