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This is what you can do with

Data Download

You can download and use all the data of at your discretion as long as you maintain the source of the data. Once you payed and downloaded the data you can resell it or give it away or do whatever you want.

MiGel Search

Search for positions in the MiGel-List of Switzerland. Hit the MiGel-Tab to search.

Hostpital Search

Search as Hospital by name, place, EAN-Code or a combination thereof. davon.

Medical Doctor (MD) Doctor Search

Search for any official Medical Doctor (MD) in Switzerland. You can export the address as vCard and you can click the address to get a location in the map.

Search by prescription

Search by the brand name of your drug.

Search by Pharmacode

Enter the Pharmacode and hit Enter.

Search by Active Agent

Enter the Active Agent and hit Enter.

Search by Registration-Owner

Search by the name of the Registration Owner. The company that owns the legal registration of the drug. The result will be grouped by ATC-Code.

Search by ATC-Chooser

Search by official ATC-Code (WHO).

Price comparison

Click on the Brand-Name of the drug to receive a price comparison. compares the drugs by active agent, comparable package size and dosage. will give you the price difference in $ and in %.

Sort the Search result

Sort the search result by title-of-the-table. Just click click onto the the title of the table and 'wahm' the table will resort itself.

Search Result

The search result contains the following data: Price, Brand Name, Galenic Form, Dosis, Package Size, Active Agent, Registration Owner, Health insurance reimbursement, Swissmedic Classification, Limitations by drug, Patient Information, Doctors Information, ATC-Code, DDD's, Google-Search by Drug Name, Patent-Date, Registration-Date.

Registration Owner Directory

The Registration-Owner Directory contains all the drug companies that have legally listed drugs on the Swiss market. You can add a *.gif or a *.jpg 200px x 100px @ 20kB of size. You can also add a company description of max. 500 letters. For a service fee the Registration Owner can be linked with his products in the search result.

Feedback is always welcome

    * Zeno Davatz
    * Email:zdavatz at ywesee dot com
    * Tel. +41 43 540 05 50 
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