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Download Master Data from

Oddb.yaml.gz and contain the daily updated master data of The master data is being exported by ywesee in the yaml-Format. The master data aims at software integration companies of insurances, hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, old folks homes etc. At this moment the master data is free. If you successfully apply our master data we will happily accept a fee from you. Data Description and Datadeklaration. Further information regarding Yaml.

Usage restriction of Data

Once you have downloaded the data you do with the data what pleases you best. You can resell it, rent it out, auction it, burn it - whatever. The only sole restriction you have is that you must convey the source of the data at all times as or just plain short - so that people who find mistakes in the data can Feedback us at any given time.

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Page last modified on September 20, 2007, at 11:36 AM